Friday, January 22, 2016

Creative Week

We've been staying inside and warm this week.  So leads to lots of creative time fillers.  I've been busy at the embroidery machine and getting some goodies made ~ well, they are getting embroidered but not put together yet. 
I made 3 rice heating bags & am making flannel pillow bag covers for them

This Martha Pullen design is on a baby bib ~ I am going to add a big round button to it.
I did 2 of these ~ one with red thread and one with hot pink

dressed up some of our bathroom towels ~ this is a Bunnycup Embroidery design from their
Quilt blocks set

little scraps of flannel to make rice bag hand warmers with
Another Bunnycup Embroidery design from their Farm Faces set
this is on a baby bib but I am thinking of stitching out each face in the set
and making a table runner for me.  These faces are adorable.
There will be more stitching done today with everyone at work and the wintry weather outside.  The big question is....will it snow?  Its supposed to but time will tell!  If it does ~ there will be lots of snowflake watching and picture taking going on! 

Thankful for ~

cute embroidery designs
ideas to use the designs on
time to be creative
not having to drive to work in this nasty weather every day
4 seasons
the anticipation of snow
warm drinks
cozy nights with everyone home


  1. Oh, how cute they all are! I have thought often of trying to get an embroidery machine. The things I could do for the hope chest! Perhaps one of these days.

    1. Its a lot of fun Kathleen! And there are tons of designs to use for different projects! donna


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