Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom

The Lord blessed me with amazing parents!
Especially my mom!
Today is her birthday!
The best mom story I love to tell is when I was pregnant with Amy.  After 4 grandsons, she really wanted a girl (my family is following that same 4 grandson pattern, hummmmm).  She went with me to the ultrasound and when the technician said "its a girl", I looked over at mom and she was crying!  Now that is excitement!  She was also in the delivery room when Amy was born ~ they've always had a special bond...not many almost 19 year olds have their granny for a best friend! 
my sister, mom & I at Stone Mountain Park in GA

getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner at our house

Granny & her first great grandson ~ Robert

Mom, me & Amy ~ New Orleans...about to set off on the Senior Cruise!

Allen looks like he is about to fall over!  ~ 4 generations! Me, Aiden, Allen & Granny

Great grandson #3!

Robert chowing down on his Granny's green beans!

Thanksgiving night shopping with 4 generations!  The Granny retired first!

Aiden & Granny ~ napping!

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