Monday, April 6, 2015


Our Thursday night and Friday morning were quite chaotically (is that a word?) BUSY.  We got a phone call that someone wanted to come look at our house on Friday morning at 9.  So we got busy cleaning an already mosty clean house.  Greg got the backyard cut, Will did all the vacuuming, I did the dusting & cleaning the wood floors.  Amy missed all the fun because she was at work.  But we got her on Friday morning ~ open blinds, turn on lights, lock up doggies, and hide all the extra counter stuff. 

Then we 3 headed to Waffle House to eat breakfast (good omelet!), and run errands.  Then home to work on some projects.

Sat. we found out our house was on the "lookers" list of 3 that they were choosing from.  But we haven't heard anything since.  Which means that either we didn't make the cut, or they didn't do anything over the weekend since it was a holiday, or they haven't decided yet. 

I guess the chances of the first person that looks at our house would actually buy it are pretty slim ~ but until we hear otherwise, we at least have a 33% chance.  The fact that their comment to the agent was "they really like the pool" is a plus!

Sat., our resident cupcake queen got up and baked.  She got 2 orders on Friday from guys at work that had just been told they needed to bring a dessert to their family gatherings on Sunday.  She was thankful for the orders!  Building up the cupcake business is a goal of hers in GA.

James came down and he, Will and Greg cleaned out the attic space in Gregs workshop/cabana/pool house.  We found lots of treasures and plenty of trash ~ I am sure our garbage men will like it when we finally move!  I found a little art table that was Amy's, that I thought we had gotten rid of already.  Little Robert will have a place to sit that's his size and color and do his stickers!  The weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed being outside. 

Greg got his side yard project done from where we had to replace the fence.  Its all level and sod and mulch are put out.  I got out my 2 gigantic, brightly colored planter pots from Lowes and filled with compost from our former compost pile and transplanted 2 hostas into them.  The pots are bright pink and turquoise, so they really stand out on the new mulch bed.  The hostas are originally from my grandmothers house and have been multiplied and divided many times over the years.  I decided to plant them instead of buy anything!  And they will go with us.

Yesterday, we got to church early for choir.  The morning was an awesome worship experience remembering the sacrifice Christ made for our and the celebration of his resurrection.  We sang our favorite song "Threshold of Glory" for the Call to Worship at the beginning of the service.  Singing that song gives me chills ~ "We push, back the gates, we open the door, together we come, to meet with you Lord.  Here we are at the Threshold of Glory, every eye is focused on you, the heart in my chest beats wildly, as each step brings us closer to you!" Ahhhh!  Awesome thoughts!

We had a smoked pork butt for lunch with squash casserole, green beans, and baked sweet potatoes.  We bought the pork from a friend that was selling them for a mission trip fund raiser.  Greg cut it up and we heated and added barbeque sauce.  Yum!  Amy did the potatoes and green beans and I did the squash.  After lunch, everyone but me took a nap, I cross stitched. 

Last night, we feasted on pizza made by Amy and started watching the new "Thomas Cromwell" series by Masterpeice Theater.  It so interesting to see how much of an influence the Catholic church and the Church of England had on shaping history.  And how much they both changed the Bible and its doctrines to suit their own needs.  And King Henry the 8th is quite the scoundrel.

Today, we are hoping that little baby Cutler is cooperative and we find out if we are being blessed with another little grand buddy or our first little princess.  Either is fine!  This MaMa just wants to know!  Pink or Blue?  Only the good Lord knows for sure.

Happy Monday! 

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