Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Fun "Field Trip"

We just got back from spending several weeks in GA ~ Amy and I wanted to go back to IKEA and we invited my mom, sister, nephews and niece to go with us. Amy and I had been before, this was everyone elses first time.  Getting there was easy ~  hop on I-85 and drive downtown.  They have a awesome underground parking garage, so the rainy weather wasn't an issue. 

3 generations, strolling through IKEA, looking at everything.  Testing out chairs, looking in cabinets, debating organizational items, etc. Everyone found goodies to buy.  Amy got 2 bedside tables for her new bedroom, some nifty drawer dividers for her dresser, and some baking goodies.  I got a handy, dandy little battery powered, frother tool.  Its made to froth milk for specialty coffee drinks, but I am using it to thoroughly mix up my homemade hot chocolate.  Yum!

We all ate lunch in the café and loved the Swedish meatballs.  Lesson learned ~ 1 meatball plate is enough for 2 to share.

After lunch, more strolling.  Ben and Bethany helped Amy find her boxes for her little tables and her desk chair she got.  The challenge came when we got to the register and had to separate out the goodies to piles for each person to pay for.

As we came to the registers, my nephew Ben (age 16) exclaims ~ "Aunt Donna, why did you ever bring me here....I love this place!"  Pretty high praise for a 16 year old guy to make!  My response ~ "I told you it was awesome!"

On the way out the big kids decided they needed an icee.  Little Bobby (age 9) treated his granny, aunt, and mom to an ice cream! 

Getting there was easy ~ but being typical Atlanta one way streets, getting back to I-85 wasn't as easy.  But we made it and had a great day together! 

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