Sunday, March 15, 2015

Funtimes with Grandsons!

I was really trying to get an updated sweet, smiling picture of our 3 little monkeys -  I had to take what I could snap quickly, there was just too much to do, explore and play with.

Adorable Monkeys

Our sweet #1 grandson 

Happy #2 grandson!

Sweet, teething #3 grandson ~ chewing on a ball his daddy used to play with

time to escape!

Yummy cereal and green beans for dinner!


Sweet is over ~ now to escap

new train!

Thomas gets a train too!

Muffin Man face....he loved Granny's sausage, cheese muffins!

Aiden & my nieces puppy ~ all was good till he pulled the puppys whiskers
So I didn't get the perfect picture ~ you know, the one of all 3 of them sweetly smiling like on the blog header.  But I got some good ones.  It is not easy to coordinate the "smile at the same time" picture with a 6 month old, 13 month old, and 2 1/2 year old.  It will be great to find out next month if #4 grandbaby is another boy or the first little princess.  We had a fun weekend playing at granny's house, eating yummy food, walking around our new property for the inspection, going to my nieces baby shower and eating barbeque at Sonny's.  Living closer to them all is going to be a dream come true! 

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  1. I love these pictures ... I still can't get my 3 kids to cooperate in pictures and they are 9, 13, and 15!


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