Monday, January 5, 2015


Somewhat like Meniere's Disease, at times. Can't tell you how many times I've jokingly said "who installed that new wall while I wasn't looking" after running into a wall.

Well, my vertigo, dizziness, unbalance, etc. has been diagnosed.  Its a form of Meneieres Disease.

Through my research I've found, it affects people usually between the ages of 40-60 ~ I am at the closer to 60 end of that spectrum.  Usually one ear at a time ~ mine is the right.  But in about 1/2 the folks, could go to other ear also.  They don't know what causes it but its an inbalance of a special fluid in a canal in the inner ear. 

It could come and go ~ it could come, worsen, and cause permanent damage.  Symptoms ~ vertigo, unbalance, ringing in ears, and heaviness in ear.  I've had all at different times since this started ~ the heaviness feels really weird, kinda like your ear is full of water.

There is medication to help with the dizziness and a water pill to take to maybe help with the fluid inbalance.  I have both.  There isn't a cure.  Its a learn to live and deal with it type issue.

I've read of things you can do to possibly help ~

No fizzy drinks (goodbye diet coke & diet sprite)
No caffeine (thrilled they make decaf tea, yeah it has a tiny bit but...)
No alcohol or smoking (that was easy, since its a non issue)
Cutting back on salt could help

So, I am praying the worst is what I've experienced so far.  It was getting better and bam, it hit again yesterday.  So its going to be very unpredictable.

I am thankful that I can still cross stitch.  My glasses bother me, so I may need to go back to eye dr. if that continues. 

Its funny to be walking from point A to point B and suddenly swerve.  Kinda like walking on a boat or a bus.  Definite unbalance.

Theres a lot of info people have put on pinterest too ~ I found some funny cartoons ~

This is funny - even though Meniere's Disease isn't funny! Just everyday in the life of someone with Ménière's Disease. Wouldn't you feel bad too, if you were on a merry-go-round, 24/7?  Ménière's  Awareness.


  1. Well, it is good to have a diagnosis, but it doesn't sound too good. I am sure sorry that you have such a thing to deal with, Donna. I am thinkng about you and hope the cycle goes up soon!


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