Thursday, January 15, 2015

Essential Oils Start

So I did lots of research on Essential Oils.  I read several books ~ thanks Amazon prime!  I've been on numerous blogs and of course searched through Pinterest.

I found lots of information, and lots of fantastic claims (could be realistic claims, but some sound inflated).  Most people who write are also sellers of a particular oil brand so they claim, theirs is the best, the safest, the most reliable, the purest, etc.....but they are also earning money to say this and try to sell their brand ~ marketing. And friend of mine started selling a certain brand ~ but she just told me to be careful what I order and make sure its pure ~ best tip I got!  I've been on Young Living, Doterra, Frontier Products, Amazon, and Aura Cacia.  And visited our local natural store ~ Rainbow and been to Whole Foods.

I've even contacted a couple of companies directly to ask specific questions about labeling, purity, etc.  I got 2 very nice, prompt email replies from Aura Cacia concerning their oils.

I ended up buying a multi bottle set off Amazon ~ lavender, orange, tea tree, eucalyptus,  peppermint, and rosemary.  They ended up being about $4 a bottle.  100% pure, undiluted, essential oil.  The eucalyptus may be the only one I can't use because of allergies but I will have to see.  Then I've gotten separate bottles of frankincense, grapefruit, lavender, lemon, helichrysum and citronella.

So what to do with these?

*We are going to make some outside candles using the citronella.
*Lavendar for some body products for me ~ I love the scent.
*Lemon, Orange & tea tree for cleaning products.
*Lemon, peppermint & grapefruit (2 drops each) in either a capsule or ice water are a good diet aid.....diuretic for sure.  I put them in the water.
*Helichrysum on a cotton ball overnight in ear for ringing ~ pesky side effect from Meniere's.
*Frankincense behind the ears and down the neck for dizziness ~ yep, it seems to work.

There is a huge amount of information and "recipes" available for different blends & mixes to fill your needs.  I told Amy we were gonna brew some soon ~ she wants to use a black cauldron, ahhh, what an imagination!

To me using the oils to help with things would be like using herbs ~ we use Red yeast rice capsules for cholesterol, and I use natural progesterone cream and black cohash capsules for menopause (yay for growing older!).

2 books I like are ~

"Surviving When Modern Medicine Fails" by Dr. Scott A Johnson
"Healing Oils of the Bible" by David Steward PhD

In the book by Dr. Johnson, he gives specific oil blend recipes for specific ailments/conditions/concerns.  Meniere's is specifically listed.  My thyroid condition is specifically listed (although I wouldn't want to try without dr. approval since I have a prescription for this), and other things.  Plus common ailments like upset tummy, headache, allergies, etc.

In the other book, Mr. Stewart takes an in depth look at the oils listed in the Bible, their uses, where they came from, how they got from one country to another, and where in the Bible you can find these references.  Its an interesting, informational, historically & religiously based book. 

And then there is Pinterest ~ a plethora of information ~ facts & opinion.  If someone or a company is making a chart for everyone ~ the information is helpful, but they are ultimately trying to sell you their product ~ not to be too cynical but being honest.  An interesting post I read was entitled something like "why I am not using just one brand" or something like that.  I think mine are 3 or 4 different brands ~ reviews, size and cost had a lot to do with the decision.  The bottles are tiny about a 1/2 ounce ~ but you use the products by the drop. 

And I am not selling any product or books ~ just sharing what I have learned! 

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