Friday, December 19, 2014

Videonystagmography (VNG)

I had the test done on Tuesday.  I was a good girl and followed all the directions ~ telling someone with vertigo to NOT take their medication for 48 hours preceding the test was just a bit cruel....just saying. 

I read up on the test on Web MD ~ and thought, this shouldn't be too bad.  Usually Web MD gives you intimate details you wish you didn't know.  The person who wrote the report, never had any experience with this test.

Lets just say ~ I found a new torture.  To purposefully make someone dizzy, really dizzy is just plain rude.  I felt like I was falling and I was laying down ~ very weird.  Then there was the part where the goggles you have to wear are closed, and you have to keep your eyes open ~ I never knew that darkness could spin, it does! (Remember on the old cartoons when someone got conked on their head and their eyes would spin?  That's what it felt like.)

You have to keep your eyes open because one side of the goggles is a camera.  This camera tracks your eye movements while the torture test is going on. 

I sincerely hope this "fun" is never repeated.  I should find out the results sometime today.

The results of the test are still lingering because now I have an ear ache ~ yes Mom, I called the dr.  Had to leave a message.

But, progress has been made ~ I am less dizzy than 2 /2 weeks ago.  Its more of an unsteady feeling.  Walls are still my friends.

I am putting this in the Thankfulness category because I am thankful this test is over with.

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  1. Oh Donna, this is such an ordeal! I'm so sorry you are so sick!


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