Monday, December 15, 2014

Lessons with Vertigo

Some things I've learned in the last 2 weeks ~

sitting while the rest of the choir stands is ok

don't make sudden movements

not a good idea to swirl paint on the inside of a ceramic piece and then dump it out ~~~ landed in my lap!

walking close to the wall, chairs, etc. is helpful

holding onto a shopping cart is somewhat dizzying

riding in a wheelchair is even worse (tried that at Belks)

sitting is awesome

Medication is really helpful

I haven't driven in 2 weeks but I don't anticipate that driving would be a good thing.

Having a well stocked freezer and pantry &/or children/husband that can run errands is a huge blessing.

I have been to the dr., they are doing additional testing tomorrow.  Hopefully, we can find out what is going on, what caused this, and take care of it. 

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  1. Oh Donna, I'm so sorry you are not well - and at Christmastime of all times. I hope you feel better REAL soon.


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