Monday, December 8, 2014

I was Just going along.....

Last Tuesday, I was just going along ~ minding my own business ~ working at the shop ~

When I was struck with something that has never happened to me before ~

One word, 3 syllables ~


This wasn't "oh, I am a little dizzy", this was "I sat down and was afraid to get up dizzy".  Greg came and got me and we went to dr. ~  he doesn't know what happened.  I had an MRI to rule out any really bad stuff like a stroke or tumors ~ no bad stuff and it did show I had a brain!  Yay!  And speaking of MRI ~ seems like they could make that machine much quieter, even with ear plugs it is loud and confining ~ I closed my eyes and sang (in my head) the words to my favorite 2 songs in our churchs Christmas musical, Hallelujah and O Holy Night, over and over.

And 6 days later ~ it is still here.  I have an ppt. at a clinic but the earliest time was next week ~ argh....another week.  And then  realized, what if this doesn't work ~ what if you need more than one appt. ~ it was already disconcerting to realize the dr. gave me a prescription for the med. and gave me an automatic refill on it.

If anyone knows of any quick cures let me know ~ I may take any quack cure tips too!

And yet, there are things to be thankful for ~

*that this did not happen at Disney World
*that this did not happen 1 week earlier when we were with our babies
*that I can still sit and cross stitch
*that I have a great family to help
*that I can read
*that there is no pain
*that Amy & Will can both drive ~ get themselves back and forth to work and run errands
*that Greg could leave and rescue me
*that there is medication, even if it makes me sleepy


  1. You might seek out a chiropractor with experience in treating vertigo. That is the only thing that helped my husband. Praying it passes quickly for you.

  2. Wondering how so much distance got here that I didn't know about this. And sorry for it. Praying for you, my sweet friend, that healing comes quickly.


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