Friday, November 7, 2014

More Little Buddy Fun!

Aiden was in much distress ~ poor little guy has Acid Reflux ~ mommy and daddy turned on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Grannys computer and he stopped crying and started watching Mickey....pretty funny!  Then our dinner was peaceful!

Hi Grandma or as Robert says gra mama

new trucks/tractors

Thomas is just barely awake

Hi world!

fun with Pa pa

Robert & his new big boy quilt w/ little critter

2 boys, 2 trucks

love for gra mama

Pa pa and his boys

big boy quilt for a big boy bed

we did art ~ this boy loves stickers!

lovin on pa pa
Greg had work in Atlanta this week.  I got to go and play with grandsons.  Jennifer changed her schedule for me so that I could spend lots of time with little Aiden.  Since he is so tiny, she is doing lots of work from home, so she came and worked at Grannys house so that we could play and cuddle.  Wed. afternoon, we headed up to Katies to visit her and the boys.  Spent a little time with them Wed. and then all Thursday morning.  I was definitely back in the infant/toddler/preschool world this week and loved it.  Reading books, playing with trucks, cuddling, art ~ it was a blast!

Next is Thanksgiving weekend!

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