Monday, August 11, 2014

Pinterest Inspired Baby Shower

It is no secret that I love Pinterest ~ I greatly appreciate the folks that come up with imaginative ways to celebrate occasions and holidays and then share their ideas for everyone to use.  I took many of these ideas and personalized them for Aiden's baby shower.  Here are our interpretations of these ideas ~

cute game idea ~ care to guess?  (Both bottles combined)

my bonus daughter, Amy Kate made me these cute wrappers for microwave popcorn ~ these were shower favors

way to include the daddy!  Allens basket contained embroidered baby bib plus a box of disposable bibs, wipes, Tylenol (for him), giraffe stuffed toy, nuk pacifiers, baby nail clipper & comb, clothespins (nose plugs for stinky diapers), dirty diaper disposable bags

decorated with toys & books on the food table ~

found all these cute little trucks at Kroger after Christmas on clearance
I included the following little poem in the invites ~ " Just one request.....we hope its not too hard.  Please bring a book instead of a card.  By signing your name they can remember and share, this special gift with their baby even when you are not there!" 

Our games were *guess the number of m & m's in the baby bottles, *baby shower bingo where the guests fill in the grid with baby items & then check them off if/when she opens that item ~ Greg made the board, *and a "check off the items in your purse" game that Amy recreated for me from pinterest.  The game prizes were little vinyl bags from Dollar Tree that came with scented lotion & bath gel, I attached a bath scrunchie and a card that said "From our shower to yours". 

Do ya have a guess on the m & m's?  I will tell the answer tomorrow!

Allen & Jennifer ready for their blessing to arrive!


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