Monday, August 4, 2014

Blessings Abound

We are traveling and have gotten to spend lots of time with family ~ in Virginia, South Carolina & Georgia.  Which means loads and loads of pictures!  Amy worked really hard and passed her Boater Safety Course, so that she could learn to drive the jetski this year.  She had a blast driving.  Usually she stayed in the cove but she did get to go into the main channel with Greg & her Aunt Sabrina.  They had a great time!

fat hummingbird sitting ontop of a rebar post guarding "his" feeder

Gregs windblown hair

Amy is working on her cross stitch picture of owls

Amys first jetski driving lesson

Greg found a good way to hang on ~ Amy's long braid!

2nd time driving was solo ~ in the cove

at the bridge feeding the carp

the feeding frenzy ~ we fed them bread crumbs, the kids beside us were tossing in popcorn

Tomorrow ~ Grandboy pictures!

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