Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Quite Disturbing

On Monday, Amy and I were strolling around our local Dollar store ~ a favorite of ours.  I needed to visit their ladies room and was about to walk in when I looked up and saw an "exposed" young man (20's or so) knocking on the door of the mens room.  He never acknowledged that he saw me or that he wasn't just waiting his turn.

I turned around and quickly walked a couple of aisles over and found a store employee, who alerted the management.  I walked back through the store looking for Amy, who was walking back to the restrooms to find me cause it was taking so long.  I spotted her, called her name and told her to come to the front of the store asap. 

The managers were running out of the office and asked me if I would recognize him.  Yep....shaggy hair, jeans, red ball cap.  They took off and about that time, he ran up the side aisle and out the front door.  The lady in front of me in line, said he had been following her around ~ up and down the aisles, then disappeared.  Praise the Lord, he protected her and her young son from any harm.  Me too, since I walked up on him. 

I should have called the police, the store may have but I am not positive.  And I don't know why I didn't call ~ I guess I was just shocked at what I had seen and just wanted to get out of there.

So......protect your children ~ know where they are, especially in stores.  Even an innocent trip to the Dollar Store could turn into something you never expected.

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  1. Oh Donna! What an unexpected shock. I hope you will forget about it soon and am glad you are both safe.


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