Thursday, May 1, 2014

Crafty Day

We did crafty day with my sister and neice ~ and my nephews completed their school assignments.  Moms dining room turned into sewing room central ~ lots of fabric cutting, sorting, pinning & sewing~

Here are some pictures of our accomplishments ~ more easy pillowcases!

smiling during Algebra! 

looking cute to avoid schoolwork!

My sister & neice

Bethany pulling her fabric sausage right side out

Bethany & Amy have the same expression on their faces

sharing headphones with her cousin

my bright set of Angel pillowcases

my new fabric from JoAnns!

cowboy pillowcases!

just for A & J

Amy's owl case

and her exotic bird pillowcase

Brenda & Bethany's pillowcases

love this goofy 8 year old!
I did discover one thing while making these pillowcases ~ if you want your fabric to face the opening where the pillow goes in turn it upside down before you roll it up.  Amy's owl case was upside down but she was ok with that.  Now we know!

And on a side note ~ homeschooling memories came flooding back yesterday while Ben & Bobby were working on lessons.....lets just say ~ I am glad to be on this side of that journey!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. They look great, Looks like even the kids doing school work had fun.


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