Wednesday, May 21, 2014

A Dream

There once was a little girl with a dream ~ to own a Volkswagon Bug...she loved them, pointed out everyone she saw, and was downright giddy over the red ladybug volkswagon with the eyelashes we spotted.

As she got older (and figured out that most older bugs had a standard not automatic transmission) ~ her dream expanded to include a Jeep, a small SUV & a Mustang.

This little princess was left a small inheritance by her grandfather, so the funds were available ~ the closer she got to age 18, the more she looked. And looked, and looked, and looked.

On Friday, Greg found Amy a car.  It was one of her top choices, it was downright cheap (needs brakes, a little engine work, and a good paint job).  This car was owned by a young man who just graduated from high school and is joining the military. 

We met Sat. morning ~ checked out the vehicle, made a deal, & the young man went home to find the title...but it was missing.  At this point we were disappointed and just a little skeptical over the bargain ~ what if this was a scam?  However, the young man went and got a replacement title & sold the Princess the car yesterday.

We met in town, made the deal, took some photos, & the Princess and her daddy drove it straight to the shop for the much needed brake job ~ actually the daddy drove & the princess rode.

My first car was a Mustang too ~ a '65.  It was kind of a yellow color, the air conditioning was opening hand cranked windows, the heater worked after about a 30-45 minute warm up, no power steering or power brakes, but did have an automatic transmission.

And what color will this chariot be painted?  That has yet to be decided!

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  1. Wow, a Mustang! Doesn't really matter what year it is when it's a Mustang! Congrats, Amy!


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