Monday, March 17, 2014

This Weeks Menu's & Weekend Activities

For our dinners this week we will have ~

Sunday ~ leftover Vegetable Soup
Monday ~ Pork Roast, squash casserole, cooked broccoli
Tuesday ~ Spaghetti Sauce with broccoli slaw (noodles)
Wednesday ~ Fish, Sweet Potatoes, Peas
Thursday ~ Tortilla Pizzas
Friday ~ Homemade Chili
Saturday ~ Chicken Enchiladas

We had a busy weekend ~ got 4 of the outside chairs repainted, put up the lattice around one of the planter boxes & planted the onion sets, sanded the picnic table & benches and then put water seal on it, got a bunch of leaves out of the pool & swept it, weed whacked around Rosies outside kennel, pressure washed the oil spot in the driveway, got out the rotten window sill on our window and rebuilt it. 

Greg worked on the window sill yesterday & the outside part is finished ~ just needs some paint to match the trim.  He bought the fabricated "not wood" boards that will never rot.  It looks really good and its a big project off the list.

Amy staged our pictures for our Etsy shop and did lots of photography.  We opened the shop last night & I also posted pictures & information on 2 Doll boards I follow on facebook.  Within a few minutes of posting I had 4-5 I hope it leads to sales.  Right now, we've got the doll clothes, Amy's beaded baby bracelets,  crocheted dishcloths, reversible adult aprons, & more to come.  I've got to take pictures of the smocked dresses & some other goodies to sell.  Amy is also making Disney charms & earrings out of clay that are so cute.  All of the charms are cupcakes & decorated to depict different characters ~ Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Buzz Lightyear, Peter Pan, Rapunzel (tangled), Ariel, etc.  She has also made some miniature doll food. 

So if you would like to shop ~ our store on Etsy is named

"CraftsbyMSPeaches" ~

And at the top of the blog I now am running ads through google ad sense.  I don't make any money from anything you buy through the ad but I do make advertising $$ for clicking on the ad and going to the site.  So please click on the ad if you see anything that interests you.  I've got it set so that Mature ads (offensive) don't run, so if you see anything questionable, please let me know.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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