Monday, March 10, 2014

Menu Plan for the Week

Dinner Menu Plans

Sunday ~ Pizzas on tortillas
Monday ~ Taco Salad
Tuesday ~ Frenchs onions "oven fried" chicken, cooked broccoli, cooked carrots
Wednesday ~ hamburgers, mashed cauliflower
Thursday ~ Homemade Vegetable Soup
Friday ~ Chili Dogs, carrot sticks
Saturday ~ Chicken Enchiladas

I've got lots in the freezers that I want to use up.  I also need to start canning some dried beans for soups/chili, canning more chicken, and ground beef.  It is so much easier to prepare meals if the meat is already cooked, canned, and waiting for us to use.  This uses no room in the freezer, makes meal prep a breeze, is easy to pack and carry in our RV (which has a tiny freezer), is shelf stable, gives us meals if there is a power shortage due to a tornado or hurricane, and cuts the grocery budget when we can buy in bulk.  (Still comparison shop, sometimes bulk doesn't save any money & in some cases could cost more)

I buy my chicken in 40 lb. boxes and my ground beef in 10 pound tubes at restaurant depot.  We also buy 5 pound blocks of cheddar cheese, queso cheese for our enchiladas, and mozzarella cheese for our pizzas.  I've gotten 30-40 pound boxes of sweet potatoes ~ to cook or to can.  And cases (6 to a case) of #10 cans of tomato sauce for our spaghetti sauce.  I've done 30-40 pound bags of carrots and canned them too ~ that's a lot of peeling!  As soon as the co-op gets in the huge bags of frozen green beans, I will be buying them to can also ~ 4-5 of their bags will can enough quarts to last us a year.  I may get 6 this year just to be sure.

Even though our Disney trip is months away ~ I am starting to think about easy dinners we can have at the RV after a day of play in the parks.  Having the canned meats will make this process a lot easier!


  1. Do you have a crock pot? My husband and I travel a lot in our 5 wheel. I love that I can go sightseeing for the day and come back to dinner already being done.

    1. Yes I do Michelle! I've never used it in the RV but that would be a good idea!


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