Monday, March 31, 2014


Last week, while traveling with Greg, I had lots of time to listen to some great sermons/seminars online through RightNow  One in particular that I really enjoyed and listened intently too was by RC Sproul about "The Intimate Marriage".  He had some great insights and reminders for those who are newly married or have been married for many years.

Here are a few tidbits ~
Marriage is instituted and created by the Lord.  Its between a man & a woman.  Each should respect, encourage, listen to, consult with, partner with, love, and have fun with the other.  With the Lord being first ~ the next important person in your life should be your spouse.  Marriage is a partnership between 2 people ~ who are both sinners, both make mistakes, neither are perfect, both are filled with pride.  These were just a few of the thoughts in the 5-6 episodes.

In our home, Greg is the head of the household.  And while he ultimately makes the final decisions, they are discussed between the 2 of us.  He can suggest what he wants done at home ~ but I decide the best way to do it, since I am here all the time and dealing with everything.  I need to take his ideas/visions and implement them the best way possible.  He tells me what he likes/doesn't like, but doesn't tell me what to wear, how to act, who to talk to, etc.  With homeschooling ~ we discussed what should be done, what subjects to learn, but I found everything for use and came up with the best way to implement the subjects, activities, and the daily scheduling.  Submission doesn't mean being a doormat and making no decisions on your own or having no thoughts or opinions of your own.  It is the natural order of the home that the Lord set forth for us in scriptures.

There are some great resources you can turn to in your journey of marriage ~ the Lord, your parents, your Pastor, good Biblical teaching/preaching online, other couples who have been on the journey longer than you, Christian books, etc. 

Another good resource I have found is by Jennifer Flanders.  She is a Christian wife and mother & an inspiration.  I read her blog and follow her on pinterest.  She has lots of good posts on being a Christian wife and helpmeet to her husband & leading/growing her children to follow the Lord and guide them toward their adulthood. 

Here is a few goodies from her pinterest board ~

Marriage ❤Marriage Tips

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