Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Crafty Time

Today will be our 2nd crafting day with Angel.  Our project is quilted wall hangings.  Since we all used smaller squares ~ this will go into the Under 36x36 category in the fair.  Amy's quilt blocks are machine embroidered with cupcakes and mine are with sewing notions ~ I am not sure what Angel did hers with. 

I found these funnies on pinterest about sewing ~

Hahaha! Love it! ~ me in Honduras where I got 60" wide fabric for $3 a yard!
Reminds me of my shopping day in Honduras last week!
; )
wonder if this really works?  Haha!
Power Tool - sewing machine
Never realized I owned a Power Tool ~ but here is the proof!
Truthful (and hilarious) handcraft labels.
Hilarious labels to put in clothing or on quilts ~ people don't realize how much time things actually take!


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