Monday, February 3, 2014

A Challenge

We've been challenged at church lately ~ frequently ~ to write down our Testimony, how we came to know the Lord as our Savior.  It seems pretty easy...till you do it.

We are to answer 3 questions ~
What was our life like before
What was our "experience"
What is our life like after

Here goes ~

What was my life like before ~~~~
I grew up in a Christian home, with Godly parents who made sure we behaved & we attended church & activities.  This wasn't an option, we went.  Sunday school, church, childrens choir, youth group, etc.  I never questioned the existence of God or the validity of any of the Bible ~ I believed. This is also the way all my childhood friends were brought up ~ or the ones we were close too. 

What was my personal encounter with the Lord ~~~
I was at a Youth event with my Sunday School class at a church in downtown Atlanta when I was 12 years old.  I don't remember anything about the music or the speaker that night.  But I do know that the Lord spoke to my heart that I was a sinner & I needed a Savior.  I remember heart pounding conviction that just attending church & going through the motions did not make me a Christian.  In the Bible it says that God draws His children to Himself.  I was drawn to Him ~ it never occurred to me to run away or question.  I was His from that night forward.

What is my life like after that Life Changing Encounter ~
That night was 42 years ago ~ I am not perfect, I still sin, I don't always say the right things or act the right way, sometimes my attitude stinks, ~ but the Lord convicts me of my sin and my shortcomings through His Word.  He shows me the error of my ways and turns me toward His ways.  He has placed some wonderful Pastors into my life who preach the word.  He has given me a Godly husband, family and friends to encourage me, love me, and walk with me.  He has given me courage to face people & situations with His grace & love.  He has given me the privilege of going on Mission Trips, serving locally, and giving sacrificially.  He continually takes me out of my comfort zone to serve Him. 

Every Salvation experience is special to that person ~ there are no 2 that are alike.  There are none that are more important than others.  Some sound more dramatic than others, but it all shows that the Lord can find His children in horrible situations or sitting in a church pew.  We were sinner & we have a Savior!

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