Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sometimes Things get out of Hand

I finished a cross stitch project & went to put my thread away ~ and it was obvious that I had finished more than one project (4 or 5 at least) and had never taken the time to clean up.  Ya know, sometimes stuff just becomes part of the "scenery" and you get used to it being a mess.

Yesterday I tackled the mess & it took several hours to straighten every thing out ~  I use DMC floss...I love it!  I read last year that to pull the floss from the hank to use ~ you should always pull from the end with the number tag.....then its not supposed to knot up as you pull.  This information I could have used 35 or 40 years ago.  I will say, it almost always works~

Here is the proof!

a jumbled mess

ready for sorting and boxing up

a naked floss bobbin ~ have no idea what # this is

pull from the end with the # label

beautiful neatness

my overflow tub!

cross stitch books & leaflets

everything is neat in the floss world!
It is so much easier to find what I need, when I need it, IF I put it up when I am finished with a project!  I am the one who can and does mess this up!  I like the little plastic floss bobbins to store the floss on & buy the packs of the number labels to stick on them.  I've got 4 floss boxes full & a 5th about 1/3 full and I don't have all the colors.  When my boys were little, my cousin found out about a gal having a garage sale and selling a bunch of cross stitch supplies.  This gal did it about twice a year ~ we never found out where she got the stuff from.  She would sell the DMC floss for .10 each, books for $1 each, and fabric, needles, hoops, etc for various prices.  It was easy to stock up on floss when you could buy 100 for $10.  We stocked up during her sales ~ keeping up with what we already had) and were able to build our floss stash!  Some of these are 25 years old and still sew great ~ DMC says they don't change their color shades but we have had to replace some of the colors when we ran out & the shades were different.  If its in the middle of a project ~ I call either my mom or sister & they usually can find the old shade in their stash and help me out. 

Happy Stitching!

(Now I have to carry that single floss bobbin up to Hobby Lobby and try to match it and figure out the number)

Update ~ so I take that floss bobbin to Hobby Lobby and could not match it to any color ~ argh!  And I printed off 2 coupons for 40% off and had 2 of an item I wanted to buy and begin working on for gifts next December...but while in the store I completely forgot what the things were.  I remembered 2 hours later as we were pulling into our driveway ~ again argh!  We will be back over that way on Sat. for Rosies dog training class, I can get them then!


  1. Several years ago (when I thought Izzy might cross-stitch) the woman across the street died and we bought her thread and one of those handy boxes. I think it's still pretty neat since we never used it much! So, I may have a long-lost same color dye if you ever need it! Happy un-cluttering!

  2. Ohhh, I will remember that! Thanks!

  3. It is so nice to be organized. I'm impressed. I really should take some time to organize. I've used the floss bobbins before but find that I prefer to leave the thread in hanks. I'm not sure why, but I think it is a tactile thing. Silly -I know. I also knew about pulling from one end, but I never knew which end! Thanks so much for that information!

  4. I just wish it was that "easy" to get my yarn stash that neat!


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