Friday, December 27, 2013

Game Time

One of our new Christmas Eve traditions is a trip to Walmart ~ its always funny to watch folks scurry around like they just remembered the 25th was the next day!  Another new tradition (2nd year) is to buy a new game to play ~ this year it was Phase 10.  The kids & Greg had played it in VA but I had not.  Things get interesting when 5 young adults & 2 parents gather around the table to play a card game ~~~~~ start to finish was 4 1/2 hours ~~~~~~ lots of fun & laughter & grumbling being stuck on a "phase" (I am guilty!)

I started writing down comments because they were just so random ~ here is a listen into our gametime ~

that ring hurts
we come from bald stock
there's always adoption
this game is stupid
sock monkeys freak me out
what have I ever done to you
whose idea was this game
too much family time
I don't like being snapped at (finger snapping)
I can only do it this way not that way
you just left a bruise
someone shoot Amy
stop messing with me
ahhhh, I feel the love
your face is as blue as the day you were born
sorry I got distracted by chocolate
don't get fur on my sock monkey
I shouldn't have discarded that Wild card
don't hang onto to those
so this is for the whole sock monkey thing
why do my children skip me
& one of my favorites "I need a bottle, a brown bag & a curb"  (family joke started by my daddy years ago & repeated 2 days ago by his granddaughter!)

RANDOM!  And this is what happens when 4 brothers (ages 30,26,26 &19) and one 17 year old sister play a card game with the parents on Christmas afternoon.

And whats with the sock monkey thing?  Rob doesn't like them at all ~ says they creep him out ~ his precious little sister got him one!  We had a lot of fun with that dollar store joke! 

Amy looks less than excited!

monkey on his back

the monkey was making it hard to concentrate!

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