Monday, December 2, 2013

A Surprise & lots of Thankfulness

James was finally able to make it home this weekend ~
between Friday about noon & Sat. about noon ~ his kidney stones decided to
exit his body ~ 1 large & 5 or 6 small ~~~~
He was very Thankful!
Last night, after choir ~ he was sitting at home and he saw something out of the corner of his eye ~
one of the rings he thought was stolen!  It was the gold signet ring with his dads initials engraved on it ~ they shared the same initials.  He was so excited when he called to tell me.  We had looked under the bed, behind & under the dresser and he had vacuumed and never saw it.  Then he started searching for the Marine Corp ring & FOUND IT!  Across the room under/behind the bedside table!
Talk about excited & Thankful! 
We don't know if the robbers picked them up to get later, or tossed them across the room to get them off the tv or what happened.  I do know that stuff can be replaced ~ but that family heirlooms that mean a lot have a priceless value.  I am so thrilled that his treasures were not lost.
I am thankful his health has been restored & that his treasures were located!

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