Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thankful Eve

I am thankful that ~~~~
Greg took the day off work
for laughter & fun
for gloves
for sunshine
for not getting the snow that was predicted for Mississippi
for a helpful daughter
for a loving husband & daddy to our children
for healing that is allowing 2 of our children to travel home for the holiday
for 48 pounds gone with the wind
for a lab that is slowly but surely learning
for a computer that "brightens" pictures!
for yummy smells
for the anticipation of Dressing (not stuffing here in the south)
for AmyKates job even if it doesn't allow them to come for Thanksgiving dinner
for painkillers (James has a kidney stone this week ~ argh!  Like he needed something else to deal with after last week...)
for the hospital being right around the corner from our house ~ makes it handy to visit him ~ he was released today
for sales & a little $$ to take advantage of them
for not having to cook the turkey ~ that's Gregs job now ~ we do fried turkey
for the 1st sandwich I've had in 5 months ~ Grilled Cheese on low carb bread ~ awesome!
For that same low carb bread going into our breakfast casserole so Greg and I can eat it too!

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