Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NetGalley Book Review

"An Amish Miracle" 3 stories by Mary Ellis, Ruth Reid & Beth Wiseman

The novella stories contained in this book are "Always in my Heart" by Mary Ellis, "Always His Provision" by Ruth Reid, and "Always Beautiful" by Beth Wiseman.  "Always in My Heart" follows the Bowman family as Hope (the wife/mother) struggles to overcome her past and what she feels is a curse from the Lord, only giving birth to girls, after she was forced to give up her firstborn, a son.  This story contains many twists and turns, surrounding the Son & his adoption, that she had kept secret for years.  It also deals with her relationship with her husband and her father.  Hopes friend Rosa, a widow, knows the secret.  Rosa loves Hope and her girls & is an encourager in her life.

The second novella is "Always His Provision" and is the story of Rosa.  Rosa is a 30 year old widow & was not blessed with any children during her marriage.  Through the unfolding of the story, she discovers that her late husband Uriah left some back taxes unpaid and Rosa is in a panic over how to cover the cost of the taxes and not lose her home.  Her neighbor Adam feels bound to protect and take care of Rosa because of a promise he made to Uriah before his death ~ Uriah died after saving Adam's life following a barn fire.  Rosa has a home business selling her chickens eggs to neighbors and businesses.   Rosa's troubles escalate when a new neighbors dogs start attacking and killing her chickens.  The story follows Rosa through her trials, struggles with her faith & finances & her feelings for Adam.  There are also some very funny descriptions of Rosa trying to protect her chickens with her husbands shotgun!

The third story, "Always Beautiful" focuses on Becky.  Becky works in the Bakery owned by her family & is a young woman who has always struggled with her weight & self esteem.  The story follows Becky as she vows to lose weight.  Her friends and family become concerned about her focus on weight and the obsession that focus has on her life.  Her friends, Hope & Rosa try to encourage her on whats really important.  Becky becomes aware that 2 young men have an interest in her.  Matt & Elam have both had an interest for a long time, but she thinks its a result of her losing weight.  The story progresses with Becky's struggle over the sin of vanity & her feelings for both young men.  She does get her priorities in order & follows the Lords leading for chosing which young man to marry.

I liked the 3 books written in this way because you could follow the other characters from the previous books through the new story.  Each story was distinctly different but intertwined.  The writing styles of the 3 authors were similar which made it easy to follow along.

I was given this book by Thomas Nelson Publishers through NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion.

Donna Jackson

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