Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wedding 911

Accidents happen ~ you can't remember everything ~ someone will need something ~

For weddings its such a good plan to be prepared for the unexpected & hope you don't have to use any of it!

After being intimately involved in 3 weddings in 2 years ~ I am slowly developing a "list" of 911 items to have on hand.

The usual items would be ~
*extra makeup
*bobby pins/hairclips/barrettes
*curling iron/curling brush/hot curlers
*safety pins
*corsage pins

And here are some others ~

*An emergency sewing kit ~ needles, thread, steam a seam tape, Velcro strips, scissors, buttons, snaps, etc.  You could need any of these or none of these....better take just in case.
*Bathroom supplies for guests ~ facial tissues, wipes, lotion, feminine products, air freshner, one use toothbrushes, trial size deodorants etc  (this would come in handy for the wedding party getting ready at the church or venue)
*Non messy snacks/drinks ~ bottled water, soft drinks or bottled teas, packaged crackers, cheese sticks, sandwich supplies, raw vegies ~ if you spend hours at the venue ahead of time, you need a pick me up!
*An iron/ironing board ~ we had the iron but no board....my sister kneeled on the floor and ironed my dress while we were setting up the buffet stuff (THANKS)
*Entertainment for little ones ~ snacks, sippee cups, willing baby sitters, little toys, etc.
*Anything you think you "could" need but aren't sure of ~ if you don't take it...you will need it.

The brides room was filled with excited laughter, flounces, frills, makeup, hair curling, encouragement, love, happy tears, and a bride ready to make her debut!

The grooms room was filled with cheers, watching a football game (on a laptop), and a groom ready to see his bride!

The following 2 pictures are from our latest wedding on 9-28 ~ 

Weddings are a lot of fun!
Weddings are very emotional!
Weddings are tiring!
Weddings are much anticipated, highly photographed, special days of love & laughter!

Weddings are a blessing from the Lord for families & couples!

For our family ~ weddings are also the time when all of our children are in the same place at the same time ~ which is a blessing for Greg & I.

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