Friday, October 11, 2013

State Fair 2013!

2 weeks ago Angel dropped my fair stuff off for judging ~ 8 days ago we saw all the ribbons for everyone ~ the fair ends on Sunday ~ we pick up our stuff on Monday & the fair is over for another year!

Here are some pictures from our morning at the fair!

Amys Log Cabin quilt sporting its blue ribbon!

My Red & White  quilt

zoo animals quilt that will go in Amy's hopechest

A is for Amy ~

Amy's paper snipping ~ Eric & Ariel

My Harvest Blessings cross stitch

Cross stitch bibs for Thomas

its not the fair without Amys Deep Fried Milky Way Bar ~ her once a year treat!

ooey, gooey delicousness!
I stuck to my declaration of last year and only made stuff I really liked!  I had lots of quilted items, embroidery, cross stitch, smocking etc.  I had a few wooden items I wanted to do but ran out of time!  It would be really nice if the judges gave you a critique of what they liked or more importantly didn't like about a project ~ why a red instead of a blue ribbon or white instead of red, etc.  This fall and winter will be spent making crafts and being cozy.

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  1. Absolutely LOVE Amy's log cabin quilt! Awesome job! You all are so very talented :)

  2. Thanks Brytni! Hope you are doing well and having a good autumn!


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