Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What is Happening?

What in the world is happening?  The world is full of rude, selfish, insensitive, dishonest folks.  Is there a hole they could crawl back into?  Did their mamas not spank them as children?  Were they encouraged to lie & steal in their childhood and youth?  Did anybody care about them? Tell them what they were doing was wrong?  Demand that they grow up and act like decent, law abiding citizens? 

In more cases than not, the answer to the above would be no ~ parents were off doing their own thing, kids had to fend for themselves, had the attitude that it was ok to do as long as they didn't "get caught". 


I've not decided why?  I certainly don't have perfect children ~ and they don't have a perfect mom.  But they were all brought up to know right from wrong, how to treat others, and behave.  Do they all do that, all the time, no.  Do I do that all the time...unfortunately no again.  But we don't make a habit of doing wrong either ~ its not our lifestyle.

There are some folks that have dealings with some of my children that seem have this lifestyle!  Since my kids are adults, that lessens the influence we have over them and their choices (but doesn't cancel it out...we are still the parents).  What I would like to do is bash some heads together ~ prove the dishonesty ~ right the wrongs ~ erase the mistakes, but I can't.  I am thankful to know whats going on, know the circumstances, and the details.

So I just sit a mom I can pray, I can talk & counsel, I can encourage, I can suggest some solutions, I can keep praying, I can use these moments as teaching moments with my 2 still at home, I can love on the ones being attacked.

But what I really want to do ~ well, use your imagination!

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