Monday, September 23, 2013

Wedding Week!

Its WEDDING WEEK!  Oh, the list of things to do and get accomplished is seemingly endless.  But it will get done!

We are heading to GA this week to help/celebrate/encourage/cook/plan/carry out/try to remain calm leading up to Allen & Jennifers wedding on Saturday evening.  We are super excited for them to be married and the bonus.....I get a new daughter! 

A little "funny"~ I had boy names and girl names chosen during my pregnancies.  For the oldest James/Jessica, the Allen/Jennifer, and the youngest either Jennifer or Jessica/Jonathan.  So its really funny to me that Allen is marrying a "Jennifer".  Then the rest of the story is...neither James or Allen liked the 2 girl names I had planned and they changed it to Amy ~ so Amy Lynn it was/is!

We've got one vehicle packed that James and Will are driving over.  They've been instructed to not remove 1 item from that vehicle ~ penalty could be harsh!  We need everything in there.  They are driving over 2 days after we are because of work schedules.

My van will be crammed full.

By Friday night, all the kids will be in GA.  And we get to see our little Robert ~ this Grandma is excited!  He is walking and "talking" and acting like a excited to see this in person!

Sat. will be a long day.  Besides being wedding day ~ the venue is near Athens and there is a UGA/LSU football game that day.  Traffic will be a nightmare!  The game is at 3 or 3:30 and the wedding is at 6, not too bad except we will be driving down there that morning from my moms house ~ that will be the nightmare part!

With the wedding couple and the rest of the kids plus Granny ~ we are hoping the set up and cooking goes smoothly.  After the short but sweet ceremony...its time to celebrate!

And not everyone gets to have a Pirate themed table at their wedding ~ but this is also my nephew Bobby's 8th birthday and Amy is making him cupcakes.  So there will be a Pirate table, that's what he requested (well he requested pirate cupcakes & doesn't know all the goodies that we and Granny have planned for him).

And this Mom is strongly encouraging/telling/imploring/demanding that none of the rest of her children (4) even contemplate marriage in the next year.....I need a break!  3 weddings in a few days less than 2 years is a lot.  And I can say now ~ that being the mom of the bride and being the mom of the groom is no still do just as much!  But I love my kids and are excited to share these happy times with them.

AND ~ I've got an awesome friend who is not only looking after our rabbit, dogs, & chickens...she is taking and checking in our fair entries on Friday!  Now that is a FRIEND!  Many, many, many thanks to Angel! 

Here is a picture of our wedding couple ~ taken the weekend of Andy & AmyKates wedding just 6 1/2 months ago ~

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