Friday, September 13, 2013


Last night we started watching a college football game ~

I like football.

Then the walk down Memory Lane started.

Daddy used to take us to the Tucker High School football games on Friday nights.

We would eat dinner ~ from what I can remember our Friday football pregame dinner was usually a delicacy we named GLOP ~ browned ground beef and onions mixed with baked beans ~ yummy!

Then we would load into the station wagon & set off for the game.

Into the stadium we went ~ toting our thermos of hot chocolate (Daddy's had coffee) and carrying our big bag of peanuts to shell and enjoy during the game.  And our stadium blanket went along.

We would sit with our friends ~ who started out being Daddy's highschool buddies.

I am sure that we did more sipping hot chocolate & eating peanuts than watching the game, but we sure had fun!

And as a teen, we still went to the highschool games ~ same school ~ however this time I was a student there and didn't think it was cool to sit with my Daddy.

How I wish I could sit at one more football game with him and cheer for the Tucker Tigers! 

Love you and Miss you Daddy!

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  1. It may not be too long before all I have left of my Daddy is sweet memories. Yours raised a precious woman - he is proud I know.


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