Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I just found out about a cool service Amazon has through the Frugal Hacks blog ~ which is an awesome blog and resource!

Amazon has a "club" called Amazon Mom ~ if you are a Prime member you can save 20% on your purchases if you set them up to be delivered monthly ~ has to be 5 or more items that are available for the subscription.  If not a Prime member then you would still save 15% monthly per item.

And the items don't all or any have to be baby/child related.  You choose your items and see if they are eligible.  Instead of listing myself as Mom and using Amy as my "child", I listed myself as family member and used Robert as the child!

And I would be most appreciative if you use my link to set up your account and order through.  For your first $10 order, I get a $10 credit with Amazon.

My link is

And if you are not a Prime member......why not?  We pay for ours in Nov/Dec and get free shipping on our orders for 1 year.  The membership pays for itself.  I think students get either a free or discounted really can't go wrong if you order from Amazon.


  1. Sorry I don't order off the internet.

  2. That's ok Michelle! thanks for reading anyways!


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