Tuesday, August 27, 2013

She Really Tried! And Almost Succeeded!!!!!!

My Sister and I, and Greg all learned how to ski together one summer many years ago ~ ahem....decades ago.  And then spent many hours at mainly Lake Lanier in GA, skiing.  Greg learned how to slolome  ~~~~ I never could do just one ski! 

A couple of summers ago, we decided to try again after a many years haitus ~ it was not successful.  But Greg wants to try again, when the weight loss is over.

A couple of weeks ago ~ we wanted Amy to try/learn.  She gave it an A+ effort.  She got above the water several times...but not to standing all the way.  She didn't quit or admit defeat, but honestly just got too tired to go on.

She was going to try again the next day, but the weather got cooler so we didn't risk it.

That's cousin Samantha behind her in the water....she was helping with getting skis on, getting the rope, and offering lots of encouragement!

Overall, a successful day~


  1. Won't be long till she gets it. Looked like a great day.

  2. She looks determined! I have a feeling skiing is in her future!


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