Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The weather here can't make up its mind ~ which could happen for the next 3 months or so.  Yesterday was hot ~ 90's hot, today so far is cool, cloudy & rainy!  Which is a good time to sew or quilt!

Speaking of quilt ~ I spoke too early last time, I wasn't on the last side.  But it "appears" that I now have 3 blocks left to complete!  I am so ready for this project to be done!  While in VA and driving home last weekend, I finished hand quilting a baby size quilt for the fair ~ its a cross stitch zoo animal one like I made Robert last year.  And we got Allen & Jennifers quilt professionally machine quilted last week.  It was worth every penny!  Now, I have 3 quilts to trim and bindings to sew on ~ not too hard but it it tedious.

2 of our sons now have new jobs!  We are thrilled for them.  Allen is going to work for a "locating" firm ~ they locate all the sewer/water lines for road construction, new building, pipes, etc.  They are contractors for the county in GA.  Jennifer works for the same company.  This will mean a pay raise for him....which will be awesome, especially since he is getting married the end of Sept.!  Rob has been searching for a job also and got one working for a plumber.  He worked for one several summers ago, so it won't be totally new to him!  Amy Kate finished her internship with Target and is now in the training phase of the job.  Unfortunately, she can't train at the store she will be employed at, so she is training on the coast and Andy is in Hattiesburg in school.  Just 6 more weeks and then they will be past this phase of life and together again.

On the diet front ~ we are still losing!  Over the 2 weeks we didn't get to the dr  because of travel...we lost 9+ pounds together!  Total we are over 50 pounds ~~~ in 6 weeks!  We've bought a few shirts and were able to get smaller sizes.  Greg took some shorts to the lake that had been too small and now they are too large!  Exciting!  One discovery I have made is that diet Orange Sunkist tastes very similar to my favorite drink in Honduras, orange Mirinda.  Yum!

We are starting to clean up some drawers and cabinets in the kitchen.  I've got so much stuff in there that is never used.  I am going to put most of it in a box, stick it in the garage pantry and see if I need any of it between now and the spring.  If not, its all going into the church garage sale!

Enough for now!  Time to get something done!

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