Friday, July 12, 2013

A New Journey

Greg and I are embarking on a new journey ~ one we are excited about, apprehensive of, nervous about, and many other emotions. 

This will be a journey that will hopefully, prayerfully result in a new Donna and a new Greg. 

At least appearance wise ~ healthwise too.

Our weight loss journey is officially beginning on Monday.

Why wait till then?

Because we both have dr. appt. for lots of blood work and tests at a local hospital before we join their program.

We went to an orientation last night ~ there were 3 of us in there (I would have preferred just the 2 of us and the counselor/cheerleader).  We listened, we read the material, we brought the sample meal replacement things home and "fixed" them for dinner.  The #3 person came and left with the assumption she was going to do the lap band surgery.  She didn't seem at all interested in the diet part.

We both have health issues that are necessitating these changes.  Mine would include but at not limited to osteo arthristis.  Also, blood sugar, cholesterol, acid reflux. 

We set a goal ~ mine is high!  Reaching these goals would mean we would weigh much less than we have in 30 years or so. 

Where won't be a weight given (that part is personal!)!  But I did install a tracker to keep up with pounds lost.

What I need ~ prayer, encouragement, excitement. 

What you may hear over the coming months ~ my excitement, some sharing, and probably some moaning and groaning! 

Oh, this is all through a local hospital, is going to be medically supervised (dr. nurses, and labs).  And we are doing it together ~ our own support group!


  1. The nurse said I could have as much celery as I wanted. WOO HOO! I want as much celery as Donna wants a banana. Team GregnDonna is going to change things up! - Greg

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  3. I'm glad and proud of you both for taking this big step! I pray that you enjoy it and see/feel the results that you would like! Praying for your excitement to continue throughout! Love you!


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