Sunday, June 2, 2013

Exciting times!

Amy's cupcake sign got hung in the kitchen

Will got his first paycheck!

gave our sweet friend Emmy her graduation gift

Had my first potato harvest!
We had a nice visit with Andy and Amy Kate on Friday night.  And they accompanied us on our 3 hour grocery shopping extravaganza to Sams & Kroger, then up to the church to drop off and organize all the food for VBS.  Sat. & Sunday was just snacks but Mon,-Wed. its dinner.

We had a crafting time with Emmy and her mom on Friday morning for graduation while the boys went swimming.  I am looking forward to graduation being over and done ~ and am anticipating many tears!  More crafting tomorrow!

I don't normally work in the garden on Sunday, but I did tie up a tomato plant and watered a few things that needed it.  I noticed the tops of my potato plants were droopy and wilty, so I dug around and started finding potatoes.  I got so excited that I didn't stop till the bucket was full!  I've still got 1/2 of our largest planter box to harvest.  Can't wait to eat these little beauties with some green beans.

Lots to do with week with vbs, dance, Gran & Bethany coming, recital and graduation!

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