Monday, April 15, 2013

Slow & Steady

Working on Projects for entry in the State Fair is an on-going year 'round project for us.
Starting the day after drop off for the current year ~ I begin working on stuff for the next year.
Last year, I promised myself I would be better organized ~ and so far that is working.
The completed projects are tagged & the projects written down in a notebook, so I can keep up with the different categories.
I also promised myself that I would not spend time & energy working on projects that I didn't like.
The one item I may try again is metal working ~ just because there are so many cute owl projects on pinterest & Amy is owl~addicted!
Recently, I also decided not to "advertise" how many projects I have or haven't completed.
None of us are competing against each other ~ we are competing against ourselves & working to improve our skills in creative areas.

Here are a few pictures of projects that were recently completed ~

Hand Quilted Birthday Table Runner ~ all from scraps I already had

Another "Zoo" quilt top ~ this one will be for Amy's Hope Chest

My "got from Pinterest" chicken scratch idea ~ will be made into a pin cushion
*The table runner is completely finished.
*The quilt top still needs backing and batting & hand quilting.  The quilt top is the same I made for Robert last year ~ Amy wanted some of the colors changed.
*The chicken scratch needs to be finished ~ the pinterest project didn't have directions, so I just printed out the picture and sewed from it.  The red thread has a tendency to tighten in areas making the loops less loopy ~ since I wanted it for a pin cushion, I tacked the red loops with tiny stitched to hold them in place.

Happy Crafting!

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