Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Her Own Expectations

Yesterday I found a lovely list of 100 things I want my daughter to know before she walks down the aisle ~

Now while I saved this list on Pinterest for Amy, its also applicable to Amy Kate, Katie, and Jennifer.

While we were out today ~ Amy L came up with her own list
"He has to....."
like cupcakes
like animals
like Disney
like children
be pro-homeschool
like Owls
be a Christian

When you invest some of your birthday money in this....

Then your future Romeo better like cupcakes!
I don't know where the sign is going to be hung ~ standing on end it about 5 feet tall!
Thanks Hobby Lobby for a 1/2 price sale!

I notice she didn't put chocolate on the list....I guess its more for her.


  1. Being a christian is tops on my list. That would be a great sign for the kitchen. If you have the wall space.

  2. Actually it is on her/ours too! I should have put this was not listed in order of importance! We've got space above our sliding glass doors, so I think its going to hang up there for now! And since her baking is done in my kitchen, it makes sense!

  3. And I can only hope that sign hangs there for at least several more years! Too many babies marrying off!


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