Friday, April 26, 2013

Easy, Delicious Dinner

We've "discovered" a dinner thats easy, yummy, easy, delicious, and did I mention easy~~~~~
We use soft tortillas, fill them with taco seasoned chicken, melty cheese, and whatever else you like ~ roll up ~ zap in the microwave for 1 minute or so and dinner is served!

There is a little prep beforehand that needs to get done ~ the chicken and taco meat need to be cooked, we use our home canned chicken for this dinner (this time I canned some quarts with homemade taco seasoning already added).  The other night Amy emptied the quart jar into a cast iron skillet and cooked till all the liquid was absorbed ~ as you stir it around, it also shreds the chicken nicely.

Next was opening a can of refried beans and warming them up.  This used up our last can of refried beans, so now its time to learn how to make my own ~ does anyone out there make them and then can them or do you freeze them?

Then came slicing the melty cheese into thin strips ~

Our condiment selections also include ~ grated cheddar cheese, jalepeno pepper, salsa, sour cream and tomatoes

Now the easy part ~~~~~~~ everyone builds their own creations, so each dinner is personalized.

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    This is one lady's experience with canning refried beans. (you may need to copy and paste the link into the address bar)

    It sounds like it would just be easier to make them with the meal. I use a can of pinto beans, drain it, dump it in my pot, add my seasoning, simmer for a bit, then mash them up.

    That dinner sounds yummy!
    Love you!


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