Friday, March 29, 2013

We Quit

We quit watching "The Bible" on tv.  We watched the entire 1st week, and about an hour of the 2nd week.  The discrepencies between what the Bible actually says and the re=enactment on the movie are 2 different things.  The Bible is exciting, sobering, convicting, uplifting, full of warnings & prophecies, full of love and forgiveness.  The entire Old Testament points to the Messiah, Jesus ~ the entire New Testament is the new covenant  fulfilled to God and His people.  They aren't showing any of that in show.  They also aren't showing the "thread" the weaves all the books together ~ Jesus.

There were too many "wrongs" that we couldn't justify into "rights" or even "maybes"

If you want to know the REAL story ~ READ The Bible!

I am praying everyone has a blessed weekend & a glorious Resurrection Sunday.


  1. We never even started watching it...I have learned over the years that many, not all but many of those shows are just not all they are cracked up to be and they are very misleading...makes me think of false profits...Sounds like you discerned the falseness of it

  2. We started watching out of curiosity. And on the recommendation of several strong Christian men that we listen to their ministries ~ come to find out....they pulled their recommendations before the first episode aired but we didn't see that till after we watched the first one.

    1. The important thing is, is that at least you realized that the show was not depicting the bible correctly and got away from it...that is very commendable...I know many still watching inspite of knowing what they are depicting if false!


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