Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring has Sprung in Mississippi

We've had off and on warm temps for a month.  The allergies started acting up on wedding weekend for me and Amy ~ Bryant even suffered allergies just from being here a couple of days, and he's not had this problem before!  By Friday the pollen started flying and covering everything in a green/yellow haze.  But that didn't stop us from being outside.  With beautiful sunshine and 80 degree days, we took advantage and got several projects completed.

Greg took off at lunchtime on Friday and came home ~ and we hooked up the trailer and all headed up to Lowe's.  Bought lots of supplies for various projects to keep us busy over the weekend.

Greg built me 3 new planter boxes out of my old wooden bedroom shutters. And constructed PVC pipe trellises for my beans to climb up, when planted.  I don't know how long the shutters will last outside, but it was free and they should at least last this year!  They are bolted to the back fence for stability.  Now, we just have to fun the strings or chicken wire for the beans to climb (pictures another day).

We removed the chicken wire from around the tops of my other boxes (there to keep out the dogs) and Greg built a frame and made much nicer looking wall build ups of lattice.  He got the white "plastic" kind.  It really looks nice and quite sturdy.  One of the boxes is already planted with strawberries.

Then he built the chickens a new roof using some tin from James' place (leftover from the pig pen).  So we the rain comes, the chickens can remain a little drier.  They, however, were not impressed with someone banging on their home.  They have been liking all the weeds from the yard that I keep tossing in there.

Its almost time for the run to the plant store for all our garden goodies.  Can't wait for fresh tomatoes and green beans!

My new sewing machine is great.  I started working on a quilt top using jelly rolls (thanks Angel).  The colors are so bright and cheerful....actually so bright that I may put a plain fabric row inbetween each pieced row.  Just to break it up a little bit.  Since the fabric was already cut, its taken a bunch of time off the "preparing" process.  I think this one is going to be the size of a lap quilt ~ about 36 x 42 or so.  I will probably machine quilt it using all the cool features and quilting table on the new machine!

My embroidery machine is still having issues.  I tried to hook it up on Thursday ~ then Greg came up to help.  After working on it for 7-8 hours over the course of 3 days, we hauled it up to the store.  They worked on it for 2 hours (repeating all the steps Greg had already done).  We ended up leaving the machine, all the attachments, and my laptop for them to work on.  I while I KNOW that everyone has to make a living ~ I'm not looking to upgrade my software (about $500) or my machine (several thousand), but I was asked that question more than once on Sat. morning.  I guess updating the software is a possiblity IF thats the only way for it to work.  BUT, we updated software 2-3 years ago, and I haven't used all its functions yet.  I am really hoping its just a connection problem thats pretty easily fixed.  I did find out that they don't make embroidery modules like mine anymore that are solely powered by laptops ~ because folks were having problems with them (me,me,me,me,me!).  Oh well, the girl did try for a long time and I got to watch folks work on projects and look at beautiful fabric!

Today is laundry, and sewing!


  1. Does the new lap quilt have a special home? Hint Hint :)

  2. Dear Unknown......since you are "unknown", if I were to give it away ~ I don't know who to give it too! AND noone gets it till after the state fair! OR it could just be mine......hummmmmm, the possibilities!


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