Monday, March 25, 2013

Happenings in Miss.

Wow!  The weather is crazy!  We've had some gorgeous days mixed with crazy days.  We've had sunshine, rain, hail, tornado watches, more rain, cold temps, warm temps....and all that can happen in 24-48 hours.  I've read on some other blogs that folks are forming a posse to find that groundhog and string him up.  He got it wrong this year!

Here are a few pictures ~~~~~

Hail from the storm last Monday afternoon

The new "puppy proof" lattice around my garden boxes

Greg's .02 per package tulip bulbs coming up ~ great, cheap investment!

The new tin roof on the chicken coop, It will keep everything drier in there!

More tulips!

Rose bush James bought me

New planter boxes made from my old shutters ~ with pvc pipes to form the frame for my pole beans to climb.
The sides are 2 shutters, the outside ends are a shutter cut in half, and the opposite end of the box is using the fence as support.  Greg used the air gun nailer to attach them to each other and to the fence.  He then measured the pvc pipes to the proper length and attached them to both the fence and the front face of the box.  Elbow joints hold the top and the sides of the pipe trellis together.  Then we will plant our tomatoes near the little picket fence shown beyond the boxes. 
We are going to string a climbing trellis for the green beans!
Greg has been busy making my garden wants into reality.  The shutters were in mine and James Room at moms house.  I don't know how long they will last outside...but a couple of growing seasons would be great.  We are going to add some soil and fertilizer to the boxes, but not fill them up.  This is where stuff was planted last year and the area has been tilled several times. We may attach the chicken wire we took off the other boxes to the pvc pipes for the beans to climb.  I decided last year, that bending over to harvest bush beans wasn't for me.  So I found the trellis idea and Greg brought it to life!  Amy and I bought Sunflower seeds to plant in between the boxes against the fence. 

Almost all of his .02/package tulip bulbs have bloomed and they are gorgeous!  My strawberries transplanted pretty well and I've got one berry.  The potato plants are coming up.  Most of the fruit trees that still have life in them have started budding and leafing out.  We've got a few that might have died over the winter.  I am ready for the weather to calm down, so I can really garden.  I am craving a fresh tomato!

Happy Springtime!

Oh, emb. machine took a week but they figured out the problem!  The good news is ~ its fixable.  The computer board in the emb. module is fried (of course, not in warranty anymore!).  They have ordered me a new one and I could get everything back this weekend or early next week.  We did go get my laptop on Sat.! 


  1. My daddy always had climbing beans - much easier on the back! Girl, I would have bought those shuttes from you or traded you exterior wood for them - do you know how much those things cost??

  2. Hey Rie! These aren't the top of the line expensive shutters...that kind were downstairs at moms house...these are less expensive, look the same from the street, for the upper "attic" area shutters. When the kids and I moved in we renovated the attic for our living space. And they were falling apart....we just repurposed them!


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