Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Weddings involve alot of commitment from many people.  With all the plans, excitement, schedules, out of town visitors, etc. ~ folks sometimes forget 2 very important words ~ they are ~ Thank You.

So I want to publicly thank all the folks who helped me in the last weeks before the wedding.

*Granny/Mom ~ Thank You for coming to MS early and all of your help.  Potato Salad fixin' for 75 is incredible & yummy!  And thanks for all the flower arranging on Friday for the rehearsal dinner!  You were great!  And thanks for buying pizza on Sunday night for was great not to have to cook that day!

*Allen & Jennifer ~ thanks for taking off work on Friday to drive over and be here in time for the rehearsal dinner ~ I know you don't get paid if you don't work, and I want you to know how much it meant for me to have you both here for the weekend! And for running errands for me after you got here on Friday!

*Bryant, Katie & Robert ~ again...thanks for taking off work on Friday to get her in time for the dinner!  I appreciate y'all giving up a day of pay also!  AND traveling with a baby is not easy sometimes, but it made my weekend to have him and y'all here.

*Will ~ I appreciate your help in house cleaning, giving up your room,  potato peeling, loading and toting heavy boxes, set up, and general errands.  And I appreciate you sharing your birthday with the bride and groom ~ this way...they will never forget what day your birthday is!

*Amy ~ Thank you so much for everything!  House cleaning, helping with meal, baking/icing/decorating a zillion cupcakes, making yummy lemon bars, giving up your room, and being a gracious little sister through all the hoopla.  You went above and beyond the call of duty with getting up at 6 on Friday morning to ice cupcakes and finish lemon bars.  Your dessert table was beautiful!  I greatly appreciate your help with everything, everyday ~ and I know I forget to say thank you sometimes!

*Greg ~ Thank you for sharing your children with me...I am proud to be part of your family!  Thanks for taking off work on Thursday & Friday ~ it helped keep me calm and organized.  Thanks for our yummy breakfast out on Thurs., for all the meat smoking, for Wills birthday dinner on Thurs., and for your help in shredding 40 pounds of chicken.  Thank you for keeping everything going in the kitchen on Friday, when I felt like I was being pulled in 25 different directions.

*To the groomsmen & bridesmaids ~ thanks for table set up, rolling silverware into the napkins, carrying heavy boxes, and being available for assistance.

*Especially thank you to Maloy ~ Wow...a young man I don't think I had ever met before Friday ~ he washed many dishes for us, cleaned all the celery, cut up vegies, and your yes m'ams were very appreciated.  He was a volunteer extraordinaire!  You saved me lots of time!

*Angel, Emmalyn, Dawn, & Amber ~ thank you, thank you, thank you, for helping ~ serving, setting up, ice in cups, washing up afterwards, dealing with leftovers, and your smiling faces!  I appreciate each of you ~

*To James, Andy, Rob, Allen, Katie, Will, Amy, Bryant, Amy Kate, & Jennifer ~~~~~~ thank you for my new family pictures!  Its not easy to get everyone together and I love getting my updated photos!  At A & J's wedding in Sept. little Robert will have to join us and not be napping!  But a nap is important to an 8 month old!

*to the folks who Pin their great ideas on Pinterest ~ thank you!  I used quite a few ideas I found for the rehearsal dinner!  Borrowing someone elses creative ideas is great!

If I forgot anyone ~ I am sorry!  It was a busy time and I am sure I missed some folks!

Now, a little break before we dive into our Sept. wedding for Allen & Jennifer!

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