Monday, February 11, 2013

Its Monday, Again!

Happy Monday!

My body has decided to favorably respond to the new medications and I finally feel somewhat better.  At least a lot better than I have felt in 1 1/2 weeks.  I am thankful for medication but hate taking so much of it.

On Sat., the weather here was gorgeous (well, it could have been that way all last week, but I was sacked out on the couch and didn't care).  I sat outside for a little bit in the sunshine and watched Greg and Will fix our boardwalk that goes from the deck to the driveway.  It also passes the chicken coop, so we can feed them and collect eggs with somewhat unmucky feet ~ unless we have to go into the fence.  We had some rotting boards and unevenness and they fixed it.

While sitting outside I was noticing the signs of spring that are taking place.  My fruit trees are about to burst forth in blooms.  My peach tree in the backyard is covered in buds.  The daffodils are blooming and the tulips are sticking their heads up from the ground.  One of my strawberry plants is covered in blooms.  The grass is kind of changing from crunchy brown to a little green.  Its way to early to plant anything, but we are thinking toward that time.

Sat. night it started to rain and kept  it up all day Sunday.  Then the really nasty weather started south of here bringing several tornadoes to that area.  One that hit Hattiesburg, went through/around Amy Kate's grandmothers neighborhood and thankfully didn't cause any damage to her house.  There is a video on FB that someone took during the tornado.  While the footage is spectacular ~ getting in my car and driving around is never anything I would think about during a tornado.  I am the hunker down in the interior room with my family & pray type person.

Its still raining today, but it seems all the awful weather was yesterday ~ I hope it stays that way.

This week, we are eating from the freezer/pantry, without a big shopping trip.  I will need a few things from the store ~ ran out of apples yesterday & potatoes on Sat.!  Last night we had Chili ~ thawed from the freezer.  Tonight is Lasagna & garlic bread (made before our cruise and the leftovers frozen).  The rest of the week, we will have pork loin, potatoes and hamburger gravy, chicken tortillas, sliders, maybe a chicken pot pie.  Nice variety and I will only need to buy a few things!

I am praying for a calm week with renewed health and strength!  I am awfully thankful for my comfy couch with the recliner ~ makes for some cozy naps!

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  1. I am very glad that you are feeling better! Hope and pray that you are completely renewed soon! Love you!


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