Friday, February 22, 2013

It Hit Me This Week!

As we were wandering around DC on Tuesday and went into several gift shops ~ I was looking at all the fun puzzles and books and activities.  Then it Hit Me ~ I didn't NEED anything....I am at the end of homeschooling.  Can I just admit that this was somewhat depressing?  I was definitely bummed about that revelation.  It did "skew" the enjoyment of looking at stuff and I didn't spend a penny. 

When my little Robert is older, I will get to buy him some goodies for school and future grandchildren !

On a side note...I pulled out my "Future Christian Homemakers" book that Amy Lynn and I are going to use during her "apprenticeship" with me next year and discovered that she already knows most of the first 4 lessons!  "How to Crack an Egg", "Making Quick Breads ~ Muffins", "Baking Bread" and "Ground Beef".  

I am sure when we go to the "Family Economics Conference" in ST. Louis in May ~ these feelings will resurface full force!  The Conference is in conjunction with a homeschool curriculum hall conference. 

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