Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Yesterday we had the awesome opportunity to hear a great history lesson on Spinning from our new friend, Jane.  (Janes husband Jim & Greg have worked together & known each other for 17 years)
Jane and Jim live near Atlanta, and its taken us a while to get together ~ yesterday was the day and we had a great time.

We arranged for Jane to speak/demonstrate/share/encourage our girls at our Keepers meeting.  She came loaded with lots of goodies and all the girls that wanted, got to work with whatever she brought.  

Here are some pictures from our funtimes...

Amy came home with a bag of fiber and a spindle to keep trying.  She is planning on searching Amazon for an inexpensive drop spindle.  Her goal is to make a weaving of a small mat to enter in the fair ~ "why yes, this is rather small....but I spun the yarn myself from alpaca & llama fur".  The absolute softest fiber she brought was a combination of alpaca & silk ~ someone described it as cotton candy!  Pure white and gorgeous!

Amy's other get her daddy to buy some land and alpaca's.  I knew she and Jane would get along great when I saw Janes email address.....janeszoo.

Today, Will and I get to learn.  We were just helpers/toters/observers yesterday!  Everyone had a great time and Jane was wonderful!

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  1. What fun! I've always thought spinning would be fun to try. It looks tricky though. :)

  2. Oh neat! Hope your plans go will Amy! :)

  3. Oh neat! I hope that your spinning and mat weaving go well Amy! :)

  4. Looks like a wonderful presentation and way too much fun.

  5. I have a spinning wheel and wish I had someone to sit with me while I learn. I have a spinning book that covers all sorts of spinning and they say you can just make your spindles. Here is a link to a blog where she does the same thing Welcome Home Farm at


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