Thursday, January 17, 2013


We interrupt our regularly scheduled day of school, chores, and work for snow!
Just interrupt not cancel (I am NOT the county schools)
Here is the south if the weather hints of snow ~ folks start panicking ~ I am sure Kroger is soldout of bread & milk (not a joke).
And school is called off....but hey, it only snows here once every 2-3 years and will probably only last a day, at the most.

I crawled out of my nice cozy bed this morning to open the blinds and watch it snow.  Huge, wet flakes ~ it was gorgeous.
Then there is the bang on my door ~ and the sweet 16 year old demanding my camera ~ she did say please!

So we present our snow show!

Greg workshop


Can you identify those tracks........?

Amy & Bluebelle (the mischievous rabbit)

Bluebelle on the loose ~ she led Amy on a merry chase through the snow ~ took about 10 minutes to catch her.

Will checking out the snow!

who wants to lounge by the pool today?

Amy's tabletop snowman!

He's about 10 inches tall!

Greg got to go to work late today!
Now onto Geometry & Zoology!
Thank you Lord for the beautiful snow for us to enjoy!

Did ya guess Chihuahua for the tracks?


  1. The pictures look great. I have been wishing for snow here .But so far no luck.

  2. I am NOT the county schools either, but we are taking the day off, just because I can and because I am trying to get ready for a house guest this weekend! Since the kids are helping, I guess you can call it a home-ec/snow day!


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