Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Many years ago, Greg got hooked on Dave Ramsey ~ and started following his guidelines/procedures, etc. to get out of debt and remain that way.  For many years, we didn't have a credit card. We do now, but its paid off every month.  We budget, give, save, plan, plan & plan!

On Sat. we get a reward.  We are going on a vacation with my mom ~ Sat. - Thurs.  We are excited!  The kids are excited!

Sat. - Thursday, we get pampered....our beds will be made, our meals prepared, our dishes washed, and the sun will be shining!  Amy will get her beach day that she has wanted for several years!  We are headed way south!

This trip is to celebrate Gregs 50th birthday (its Monday), Amy & Will's highschool graduation (grad in May), my homeschool teacher retirement (18 years) ~ And mom is going to keep the rest of us in line!

I am ready for sun, sea air, taking pictures, scrumptious food, lazy times, family fun, relaxation!

Then next Thursday afternoon its back to real life!  But thats great too! 

The Rewards are sweet!

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  1. That's so awesome! Way to go! Have a fun trip! Happy Birthday ( a bit early) to Mr. Jackson!


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