Saturday, January 12, 2013

Busy Saturday

We've had a busy day so far. 

Part of the busyness is from a sale we hit last night at a Walmart store......Greg wanted some Tulip bulbs.  And was willing to pay $4.99 for a package of 14 bulbs.  There was a sign sitting in front of them that read they were .02!  So we scanned them to verify the deal....and they were 2 cents a package.  We walked out with $1.07 worth of flower bulbs...includes the .07 tax.  We have been giving away bulbs and planting many in our own yard. 

This morning after breakfast, we went to the County Co-op and bought packages of green beans seeds, pea seeds, potatoes to plant,  a blueberry bush, a fig tree, and 2 thompson seedless grape vines.  Then off to buy compost/manure and soil (Greg says if you pay for it its soil not dirt).

We've planted about 10 packages of tulips at different places in the front.  Planted the fig tree.  Pruned a bunch of our fruit trees.  Spread pine straw.  Cut the back yard. Cleaned the bunny hutch.  Cleaned out 2 chicken feed buckets that had gotten wet inside and fermented the food.  And now the guys are buying wood to fix the walkway in the back so all the boards are secure.

We are going to reconfigure some of our planting areas.  Expand our raised beds.  And try some new things.  I've pulled out my Square Foot Gardening Book and am reading up on it!   The only planting is the trees and bushes ~ the seeds will wait till the end of March. 

And did I mention....its  80 degrees outside today!


  1. We got down to 18 degrees last night. It caused our kitchen water to freeze. We got only 34 today. I could handle warmer weather.

  2. Wow Michelle! Thats really cold! We've had a number of nights under freezing, but nothing that cold ~ one night last week I think it was in the 20:s. Unfortunately, when the weather here acts goofy like it is now, we are more likely to have tornados. Its rained all week and starting to rain again tonight. Stay warm!


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