Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Work-cation became Shrimp-cation

My dear husband planned a workcation for us while the kids were gone to Memphis.
Being the loving, supportive wife that I am ~~~I "sacrificed" some of my crafting time to tag along!
We left Monday about 3 and got back at 9 on Tues. night and managed to CRAM lots of fun into the work!  And his workcation became my shrimpcation when I at shrimp for dinner on Monday night & lunch and dinner on Tuesday night!  Shrimp cooked 3 different ways...grilled, fried, and in alfredo pasta!
But none had that Old Bay Seasoning junk on it ~ I am allergic to that stuff with shellfish!

Here are a few pictures of our fun.....

Greg hard at work...he was measuring water depth at specific intervals while I held the tape measure and took pictures!

That stingray was about the size of a dinner plate and passed about 3 feet away from me....beautiful creature!

Ahhhhh, sand & salt water!  Love it!

This shell find was inhabitied ~ we threw it back into the water

Gregs new "do" ~ he looks like the comedien Gallagher

last parting shot before we headed for home
All in all, it was a great trip.  Monday night we went swimming in the hotel pool and last night we went swimming in our pool.  
Its nice to have time to talk, enjoy each others company, and explore together.

And we've exchanged many texts with Will & Amy ~ they are having a great time at Street Reach~  2 more days and we will be up there with them!

Then Friday night....I get to see my grandboy again!  Hope Robert is ready for grandma hugs and kisses and lots more pictures!

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